Alchemy Ritual

Mushroom Alchemy ūüćĄ ~ how to compost limiting patterns for higher good



When I think of alchemy, I think of the intersection of science and magic. Chemical processes that lead-way to reinvention. What is seemingly comprised of separate parts then becomes a brand new whole. When I think of a master alchemist I don't have visions of an old bearded man in a robe combining chemical compounds over bubbling test tubes- nope, I see visions of nature -  of organic life reinventing itself over and over again, using the elements as food for growth.

Mushrooms have definitely earned a top spot in my mind as master alchemists. Their ability to turn death/decay/literal shit into something mind expanding and healing is what makes them so special. I often turn to mushrooms when I'm trying to compost negative emotions and thoughts, because the medicine of mushrooms is one of rebirth through awareness and decomposing. 

When drawing parallels in astrology I like to use mushrooms in a similar way that I work with Chiron- the wounded healer. Where can sore spots alchemize to turn into beauty and gifts? What pain have you endured that makes you more well equipped to live your fullest expression? What "shit" can become "life".

Currently it's a great time to work with the composting magic of mushrooms since Mars (planet of forward motion and action) + Mercury (thoughts, beliefs, communication) both just stationed direct after a long retrograde period. 

While you sip your TALIA tea, take some time to reflect and journal about your emotional/physical/mental state and where mushrooms can help you alchemize any areas of density. 

Journal prompts to get clear on what you're alchemizing:

  • Make a point form list of persistent thoughts that have been looping for you lately (they can be negative or positive) try to let yourself write automatically without overthinking- just notice the places your mind gravitates to naturally and jot out the persistent thoughts. It may be beneficial to do this while meditating, taking breaks from writing to sit with yourself.
  • What is a story that you tell yourself that you KNOW is not true but that your mind is consistently trying to convince you to believe?¬†
  • What would an alternate story line look like if it played out best case scenario?
  • If you could be/have/do anything you wanted, with no limitation or "ifs", what would you pursue?
  • Where do you limit yourself? In what ways do you hold yourself back? Why do you think you do this?
  • What are you ready to let go of? What are you calling in in its place?
After this contemplation sit with your cup of tea and give gratitude to the mushroom spirit. Ask it to help you compost and let go of the things that no longer serve you. Say a prayer for the alchemical process within you to manifest for highest good. 

Your process is complete! Watch over the weeks for signs and triggers that the process taking place. Check in with yourself and the mushroom spirit every time you sip your tea.